Seasoning storage inspired by visually impaired
Aibolot Makenov

Delight is a family of seasoning containers which was inspired by visually impaired and could be used by everyone. It helps the user to measure one spoon of seasoning and distinguished different types of seasonings in a very easy way.

Design Brief.

Millennials have felt left out the most from all the other age groups. From the survey of 20,000 people 47% of responders reported that they feel left out and sometimes or always feel lonely.

User study through interview and affinity diagram.

After initial desk research first user study was conducted at the welfare center for visually blind. In the user study, it was found that visually impaired people had a lot of inconveniences in their cooking experience. Measuring seasonings such as salt was identified to be the most significant insight among interviewees.

Initial ideation and concept generation.

Through the affinity diagram, two concept designs were created based on insights from the interview, observation, and desktop research. Both concepts are wall-mounted seasoning containers that always provide users with the same fixed location. In addition, the designs contain a technical feature that supplies one spoon of seasoning for one click of a button.

On-site user study with initial prototypes.

Several prototypes were made to validate the design concepts, and get insight from the users. Therefore, interviews and observations were conducted with several users. And the insights were gathered for further development of the ideas.

Summary and the direction of the insights.

The insights summarized in four directions. First,  the product needs a more intuitive way to distinguish between the seasoning containers. Second, measuring is a big issue as well. Third, the nose of the ordinary seasonings gets stuck due to boiling water in the pot. Last, visually impaired prefer not to be treated as special and have something that stands out too much.

Shaping the form and thinking in 3D.

After defining the form direction several design iterations were made through 3Dmodeling. During the CAD development, the main focus was to keep the harmony between functionality and aesthetic point of the product. While developing the form and functionality of Delight the pattern design was iterated several times to give the most differentiable design both visually and when it is being touched by the user.

Each color and pattern represent a specific taste we have.

The overall form and the CMF of the patterns were designed based on research paper: Flavor visualization: Taste guidance in the co-cooking system for coexistence (Choi, Y., 2010). The study has shown that specific patterns and colors could represent a specific taste in the user. For instance, the red and dots were found to represent the salt. On the other hand, the product doesn't command, so, the user can pick any container up to the personal preference.

Three main parts to shape the product.

Delight has been divided into three main parts. First, the lid is combined by screw by having a sliding button. Second, the storage part is connected to the upper and lower parts and seasonings are stored safely. Third, the technical part.

How the mechanical part actually works?

The technical part is one of the unique constructions in the Delight. It has a one-rotate one-spoon function, and the extruded patterns exist on the sides. Several prototypes were tested and constructed in order to get the working mechanism right.

It's vibrant, it's different, it's family.

One of the main directions of Delight was to make it so different to make it easily distinguishable, and at the same time, the idea of having a family product was kept in mind while designing the product.

Distinguish easily, salt naturally and pour easily.

The product is very easy to distinguish both colorwise and by pattern. The pattern on the body and the lid work together and give the user flexibility when they choose the seasoning.

Simple yet functional.

It could be an easier way to make an electronic product which could do a similar job. But, we wanted to keep the product as simple as possible and yet open its full potential in function.

Beauty should shine in every table regardless who the user is.

Our extreme users-visually impaired are the main target of this product but it also can be used by everyone and shine in every table regardless of who the user is.


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