Expression of Monolith speaker
Aibolot Makenov

Arty is a contemporary speaker concept. It brings to the table a monolith-clean look with an artistic playfulness to it. The whole visualization of the product was conducted in a way to show it as an art piece.

Shaping the beauty of blocks and rectangles.

Creating a beautiful object with simple lines and rectangles.

Crafting the details.

Arty has extra care of aesthetically crafted details that serve their purposes.

Building a strong and memorable brand elements.

Branding the arty to make it recognizable and iconic. The name Arty comes from a word Art. The purpose for the name was to match its artistic aproach and style that it has.

Keep it cool!

Traditional charging ports. In addition, the visual feedback was implelemented to show the response of the cable work.

Green or Sacramento, you call it!

A green CMF works great for everybody who loves to bring light to their homes, and eventually, to their lives. It works great with some contrasted colot palettes.

Hidden details.

The most unseen (bottom) part has gotten a beautifully patterned feet. Besides aesthetical look it also prevents from slipping out from soft surfaces.

Testing Sizes.

Validating and making the final decisions on the overall proportions of the speaker.
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Version 3.03
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